Moving & Packing Company in Kent and East Sussex

No time for moving and packing? Call Move It Brothers for Assistance!

Everyone has experienced moving at some point in their life and it can feel impossible to achieve success alone. That’s where we come in. With our team of experts we can alleviate the stresses of both the preparation for moving and the move itself. We offer a range of options to suit your needs and budget.

  • Packing Assistance: This option is simply catered to your budget. We can arrange a member of our team to come out with a selected amount of moving materials (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, paper etc.) to help assist you with your packing.
  • Fragile Pack: In this option we pack all breakable items such as glass, china, ornaments, pictures, mirrors and wine bottles.
  • Full Packing Service: This is by far the most popular and stress-free option, we simply arrive the day before your move with all the necessary materials to pack your home, by the end of this day we leave you only with the items you will need overnight which will be packed the following morning.

Packing is a crucial part of any move. Packing requires a large commitment of time and energy. We’re always concerned about your convenience, and that’s why our Packing service in Kent and East Sussex is available anytime, at flexible hours, providing a stress-free experience. We make sure your personal possessions are wrapped, packed, and labelled accurately by our professional movers, as they are masters of the field! Our experienced, fully trained staff can take care of some or all of the packing for your move.

Why is packing an option to consider? The first key point is the time and stress of having to pack, as part of our day to day working lives we understand the best and safest way of packing your belongings to ensure nothing is damaged. The second key point comes down to insurance covering your items during your removal. Content of boxes packed by the owner is not covered by the insurance you get with your move because the insurance company cannot guarantee the condition in which the items were packed. However, if the items are packed by our trained professionals it does qualify for insurance cover. The third and final key point to considering packing is the loading of the vehicle, it is much easier and safer to load a vehicle with correctly packed boxes as opposed to black sacks or other improvised packing materials. This allows us to use all the available space and reduce any movement of the load.

With these key facts in mind we hope it helps you to choose a level of service that suits you.

The process of moving requires additional skills and we know the secrets and skills to a successful move. It’s our mission to make it the best moving experience you have ever had.